I appreciate to those of you who have never experienced counselling, it my be an enigma. Counselling is:

"a purposeful relationship where one person helps another to help themselves. It is an activity of listening and responding which encourages exploration of thoughts, feelings and behaviour in order to reach clearer self-understanding. This process helps enable us to find and use your own strengths, so that we can more effectively manage our lives."

Sometimes in life, our emotions can threaten to overwhelm us. We may feel overcome with stress, grief, loneliness, isolation and feeling as if we can't cope. We may find ourselves repeating negative or destructive patterns of behaviour and can't seem to understand why we feel stuck. It's not always possible to talk to someone we know about the things which torment us, or perhaps these matters feel too personal to share. 

This is where counselling may help you.....

Counselling provides the space for you to speak openly about the things which are troubling you or creating you difficulties in your life without the fear of being misunderstood, judged or of being told what to do. I will listen carefully to you and guide and support you in a safe, confidential and ethical environment. I will help you seek your own answers at a pace which suits you. You set the agenda and I will walk alongside you.